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5 Ultimate Camping Recipes to Make on Your Next Trip

– By Solo Stove Staff                                                 

There is something about cooking a meal over an open campfire that makes it taste so much better. Even a marshmallow or a hot dog cooked on a stick just has that extra something.  

 You don’t want to spend your whole day cooking. These 5 Ultimate camping recipes taste great and won’t take up a lot of time. Here are some easy, one-pot camping recipes to make on your next camping trip that will make everyone happy.

There is something about cooking a meal over an open campfire that makes it taste so much better


To make cooking easier, prepare some of the food beforehand. A cooked ham can be cut up to make transport easier and certain foods can be packed frozen. You can also season foods and make sauces before you leave.

1. Omelets
Omelets are a campfire favorite. Toss in some onions, chopped ham, peppers and then add your beaten eggs. Another great breakfast treat is to heat up leftovers, like rice, pasta or bean. Then add your eggs, top with cheese and let simmer.

2. Hash Sausage ‘N Eggs
Cook your diced or leftover potatoes. Season with salt and pepper. Once they are soft add sliced sausages. If you want the sausages whole, add them at the same time as the potatoes.

You can remove them from the pot to fry your eggs or scramble them and pour them over the top for a delicious one pot breakfast.

3. Campfire Nachos
Who doesn’t love nachos? The perfect snack for camping and easy to make. Spread your tortilla chips around the bottom of your pan, cover in cheese, add jalapeno or sliced olives, or precooked ground beef.

Add all of them, if you like. Cook for about 10 minutes. Top with sour cream, corn, black beans, and salsa.

4. Pizza
You can use pita for these to make individual pizzas. This is where some prepared food items and leftovers will come in handy. The sauce can be made or find it in plastic pouches.

Add the toppings you want and top with cheese. Sliced pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers and any vegetables you have leftover, plus olives, onions. It’s perfect for satisfying everyone with different topping favorites.

5. Campfire Stew
A delicious and hearty meal after a long day of hiking, boating or fishing. Start with your favorite protein. Bringing pre-cut stewing meat is smart. The meat will stay frozen when packed properly, if it is still frozen, let it thaw in the pot.

Add chopped onion, potato, carrot and garlic. Salt, pepper, and butter with a bit of water. Cover and let cook slowly to release the flavors. Leave it to cook, stirring to make sure it doesn’t burn or stick.

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