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Our Story

 If your happy place is outside, on an adventure, with your dog, hanging with family… We get it, that’s us too! Life should be all about embracing an active life, full of fun and adventure with your dog and the ones you love. It’s our belief that one of the secrets to a happy life is owning a dog and we want to encourage you to get out and seek that adventure with your furry friend every day. From a walk down a back road, at the beach, or a swim in lake Michigan. It’s up to you to define what adventure means to you, so we encourage you to get out and do it.

 We are a family that loves the forests, fields and lakes of Northern Michigan. If there ever was an adventure that we loved the most, it’s always the ones that we get to experience together with our dogs in tow. Our family has always had dogs, and we never have considered them pets, always family! From boating, camping, hiking, all the way to vacations or just hanging out on the couch, our pups are there with us.

 Our family currently has 3 dogs. We’ve adopted from our local shelter and had purebreds at different times. One thing that has never changed is our love for our pups, no matter their background or where they came from. So, when we created Rockhound Outfitters, it was an easy decision to partner with our local humane society to help homeless dogs in need. Our partnership with the Little Traverse Bay Humane Society is near and dear to our hearts as some of our best friends have come through the shelter. As a no-kill shelter and non-profit corporation they are 100% donor-funded. Our goal is to help them provide veterinary services, a warm shelter, personal attention and be proactive to help control pet overpopulation.   Rockhound Outfitters donates a percentage of proceeds to the Little Traverse Bay Humane Society and the Charlevoix Area Humane Society .   Learn more about    L.T.B.H.S    C.A.H.S.

What better time to introduce you to our furry family than now?

Gunnar: Our almost 3-year-old male chocolate lab, with the perfect personality to match. You could say he’s the best cuddler in bed, but bed-hog is a little more like it! He absolutely loves his ball. Ask him to go outside with you, and you can bet he’s going to find a ball to take with him! Give him a treat, and you just might catch him doing his “happy dance” to express his excitement!

Gavin: The “old man” as he’s getting to be known is our 9-year-old Aussie and Blue Heeler mix. He wants nothing more than to protect his family but is quick to warm up to strangers as long as they give him some space. Never far behind, he’s always within earshot as we go through our day, even if it means not giving you your personal space !

Bailey: She’s the princess of her domain with a dramatic personality to match! Our almost 4-year-old Bluetick Coonhound and Walker mix, loves to spend most days snoozing away in the sun wherever she can. Upon the chance that she gets a spurt of energy, she loves to chase a ball or play with one of her “babies.” When mentioning “babies” we are referring to one of her stuff animals, and if there are any squeakers in tact they won’t be much longer!