Grand Trunk Lifetime Warranty

The Grand Trunk Lifetime Warranty guarantees every product  they make.  If you are not satisfied with one of Grand Trunks products at the time you receive it, or if one of the products does not perform to your satisfaction, simply fill-out this form for replacement or refund. 

 Grand Trunk will replace any manufacturing defect, on all products free of charge with proof of purchase.  A manufacturing defect exists if the product departs from its intended design.  Defective materials such as zippers, buckles, fabrics, etc..  Workmanship of the seams, construction etc. are covered by the Grand Trunk Lifetime Guarantee for the lifetime of the product.

 The term Lifetime refers to the lifetime of the product. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean your lifetime, but rather the lifetime of the components, fabrics and materials. While choosing the very best materials available to make the products as durable as possible, all materials degrade over time with use, exposure to the elements. A product’s lifetime is a function of how much use it gets and how well it is cared for, not by how old it is.

 It doesn’t matter whether you snag it along the trail or even if man’s best friend decides to use your gear as a chew toy or trampoline. Whatever the reason, Grand Trunk will send you a replacement item, no questions asked. A small processing fee is required, and varies based on the product.

 Grand Trunk does it’s best to process your warranty claim within 14 business days. Keep in mind that claims may require additional processing time during peak season (June-September).

Grand Trunk has sole discretion to determine manufacturer defects. Damage due to wear and tear will be repaired at a reasonable charge. Lost or stolen items are not covered.