Fire Pit Yukon & Stand


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Solo Fire Pit Yukon & Stand

At over two feet wide, the Solo Fire Pit Yukon is an absolute beast! Just toss in those big pieces of firewood and ignite the night! More flame, more fun, way less smoke: the YUKON is perfect for reconnecting with family and friends at outdoor get-togethers large and small.  

The  worlds most unique fire pit, pushes the limits of both combustion airflow efficiency and minimalist outdoor design.  The Yukon Stand allows to use your Bonfire on most heat sensitive surfaces. Use your Yukon Stand to enjoy your fire pit on your deck, grass, and other turf.

The  Yukon is unlike any other fire pit you’ve ever seen! Solo has used the same patented technology that has been perfected into a backyard fire pit to be your backyard center piece at home. The best part? Nearly no smoke and minimal ash left over! Making the Yukon not only easy to clean up, but won’t leave you smelling like campfire.

The Yukon gets it’s power from logs, larger sticks or woody debris, to fuel the fire while the air intake holes on the bottom pull air in towards the fuel source. While air is being pulled in, the double-wall construction allows air to be heated up and fed through the top vents providing an extra boost of pre-heated oxygen, creating a secondary combustion and a beautiful flame that your family and friends will enjoy watching!   Any firewood logs will burn but for optimum efficiency we recommend dry hardwoods. Hardwoods such as birch, maple, hickory and oak will burn longer than softwoods. Constructed of  304 stainless steel and weighs 45 lbs.   Get the most from your Yukon by being able to use it in more places than ever! With ample airflow, the Yukon Stand allows you to use your Yukon on more heat sensitive surfaces. 


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