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The Grizzly Cooler 100 is Bear Resistant ensuring your items are safe and  animals  that try to get into the cooler are also safe.  All Grizzly Coolers are IGBC Certified, IGBC stands for Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee.  Made for long journeys, and hot weather adventures. The coolers go through extensive testing for ice retention, in extreme conditions.  For instance, the testing process takes place in a 90 degree climate controlled room, filled with cubed ice and opened twice a day to monitor the ice levels.

Proudly envisioned, engineered, tooled, tested, perfected. Grizzly Coolers has extensive knowledge and credibility in the cooling industry. Grizzly coolers are made in Decorah, Iowa USA. You can learn more about what makes the Grizzly Cooler 100 great here.

The outdoor enthusiasts that make the coolers construct them for tough adventures. Therefore they believe the product exceeds levels set by other cooler companies.  As a result of  having that confidence in their product so Grizzly carries a  Lifetime Warranty.   Grizzly Coolers come in a variety of sizes and colors.







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