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The LickiMat Slomo is designed as a tasty boredom buster for your dog and keeps them busy while you are away.  The Slomo is special because it’s designed to slow down feeding.  A biscuit lasts a second, but with a LickiMat your dog stays entertained longer.  Licking produces endorphins which relieves stress by soothing and calming your pet. Great as an anti-anxiety tool and it is yummy fun.

Different surface textures are designed to trap soft food keeping your dog busy  and calm for a long time.  Make your own tasty creations with pet food or safe human food like yogurt or peanut butter.  Simply spread food into the tray.  The LickiMat Slomo can also be placed in the freezer to last longer or be used as a cooling treat.

The mat is made from non-toxic food grade PET and TPR, and it measures 8″ x 8″.  It also freezer and dishwasher safe.  Leave your house guilt free knowing that your dog is happy with a LickiMat!  LickiMats contain no silicone or toxic substances that could poison your loved ones.  Other LickiMat products available include the Splash, Tuff Soother, Tuff Playdate and Wobble!

You can use the back of a spoon or a spatula to:

Spread your dog’s favorite wet food or yogurt on a LickiMat;
Spread peanut butter on a LickiMat (no xylitol);
Press minced meat into a LickiMat 
Press canned fish into a LickiMat (Sardines, Tuna, salmon);
Spread raw or cooked vegetables on a LickiMat if your dog likes them (pumpkin, potato, kale, carrots);
Improvise to your heart’s content! 

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 5 in
LickiMat Color

Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Turquoise

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