Mossy Oak MAXX Heated Chair




The Mossy Oak MAXX Heated Chair is an “All-Season”  chair because it has three temperature settings and is element resistant. It provides just the right amount of heat in any season. It’s the only heated camping chair on the market that uses a patented woven heating technology rather than coils and a tidy lithium-ion rechargeable battery that lasts for hours. So whether your watching a soccer game or around the campfire, stay warmer with a heated chair. 

The Chaheati MAXX Heating system covers over twice the surface area the original 7.4v system
The 11.1v MAXX battery has a USB port to charge your phone or tablet while you heat your chair
Chair weighs 12 lbs, Folded Dimensions: 41x8x8    A small “over-sized” handling fee from the shipper is added in the cart.  For added heat, how about a Solo Fire Pit Ranger?

Woven heating technology
Genuine Mossy Oak pattern
Oversized chair and seat tubes
Includes 11.1 Volt Lithium rechargeable battery and charger
Push-button control
Carrying case included

Chaheati heat chart

Additional information

Additional information

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Chaheati Heated Seat

Mossy Oak-Cover, Car Charger

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