Solo Fire Pit Shield


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Solo Fire Pit Shield

Stainless steel  construction to help prevent sparks and embers from leaving the fire pit.   Specifically made for the Ranger, Bonfire or Yukon Fire Pits.  Choose the screen that fits the Solo fire pit you have.  The shield is a  two-piece spark arrester. Providing extra peace of mind, helping to prevent embers from escaping your fire pit.

The upper section of the Shield can be removed by itself, allowing you to add more wood to your fire without having to remove the entire unit.  The Screen self-centers to dock seamlessly with the fire pit.  The grooved rim provides visual and physical guidelines making it intuitive and easy to use, and roasting stick supports help it pair perfectly with Solo Stove Sticks when you and yours are crafting the perfect s’mores.  Have a look at the Solo Cooking Sticks

  • The Fire Pits 
  • Ranger is smaller and the most portable to take along for tailgating, small yards or with your camper.
  • A little larger mid size Bonfire still somewhat portable for down on the beach, the patio or the back woods camping.
  • The largest of the firepits, is the  Yukon  great for backyards and patios.    
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Additional information

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Solo Fire Pit

Ranger, Bonfire, Yukon

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