Solo Stove Titan


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Solo Stove Titan

The Solo Stove Titan is the perfect addition to any backpacker’s bag. A lightweight cooking stove and the best part? No fuel to carry! Your food shouldn’t depend on carrying or finding a place that sells gas. Nature provides the perfect tinder and wood all year. The Titan Stove cooks for 2-4 people. Constructed of  304 stainless steel it is weighs only 16.5 oz. 

Wood burning, therefore it operates on small twigs and sticks, or an alcohol burner. Fueling the fire while the air intake holes on the bottom pull air in towards the fuel source. The double-wall construction pulls air in heating it up and feeding it  through the top vents, resulting in an extra boost of pre-heated oxygen, creating a secondary combustion. Therefore a hotter fire with less smoke!

Bundle – includes the stove and items listed below

Solo Pot 1800 – When nested, the Solo Stove Titan fits inside the Solo Stove Pot 1800 for easy storage. Made with premium grade 304 stainless steel, the Solo Stove Pot 1800 is more durable than aluminum pots and arguably, a safer and healthier choice. The Solo Stove Pot 1800 features:

Easy to use lid with a rubber coated lift tab that is lockable in the upright position. A pour spout for easy pouring.  Double fold out handles and a folding/removable bail on top. Volume markings in oz and ml. can be seen from inside or on the outside of the pot. It also comes with a black nylon stuff sack with drawstring.

Take a look at the 1800 pot.

Stove Windscreen – The aluminum Solo Stove Windscreen is added protection against the elements will allow you to achieve faster boil times. With the wind blocked, efficiency increases and you’ll also use less fuel for each burn. The extendable ground pegs allows for a stable setup. The 8-panel design allows you to configure the windscreen in a number of shapes and folds together nicely after each use.

Check out the  Windscreen.

Tripod – Lightweight and compact, the Tripod is easy to setup and disassemble. The adjustable hang chain allows you to control the height at which your pot hangs over your flame giving you a more flexible outdoor cooking experience.  Constructed of Anodized Aluminum and weighs 19 oz.

Check out the Tripod. 

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Additional information

Solo Stove

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