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Space and weight do matter.
The Trailblazer has been specifically designed to double as a portable fire pit and grill.  Specific material engineering and design to get the Trailblazer’s weight down to just 3.2lb. Trailblazer’s intuitive design opens up much like a camp chair to host a 12″x12″ burn area, perfect for 1-4 people.

The Trailblazer is designed to pack small so it can go anywhere you do; while its patented design keeps your campfire off the ground to prevent leaving burn marks behind.  A great fire anywhere anytime.  Whether its tucked into your Kayak or on the back of an ATV  the Trailblazer allows for safe, leave-no-trace fires wherever you decide to go.

The Trailblazer’s patented Fire Mesh allows for perfect airflow into your coals for nearly smokeless burns. Burn wood, charcoal, or wax logs without hassle.  We never know where your adventures might take you, that’s why the Trailblazer was designed to exceed all Federal Fire pit regulations.

  Constructed of aircraft aluminum and stainless-steel alloys, so the Trailblazer is compact and lightweight.  Since it’s constructed of aluminum and stainless-steel this fire-pit will withstand hot temperatures without ever rusting!  The minimal impact design allows a fire anywhere without damaging the surface or leaving minimal trace behind. Trailblazer Camp Fire Pit comes with a unique Tri-folding grill grate that offers a fantastic 11 x 11″ cooking area! 

Packed Dimensions very portable: 14″ x 4″ x 4″
Opened Dimensions of the fire pit: 12″ x12″ x 11″
Total Trailblazer Kit Weight: 3 lbs.
Materials: Aircraft Aluminum and Proprietary Stainless Steel Mesh.

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