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Wilderdog Fleece Jacket

Why we think this is a great Jacket:

Besides looking great, the Wilderdog Fleece Jacket is functional. Quick-drying technical fleece jacket for every chilly adventure. Perfect for staying warm in the tent or for everyday winter walks. The elastic back leg loops and waist strap keeps the jacket  in place, while the stretchy neoprene neck gaiter has two adjustment points to keep close to your dog’s neck. The fleece jacket is lightweight and quick drying if it gets wet in the snow or rain.

This dog jacket fits either over or under the Wilderdog harness – to use the top D ring on the harness you’ll want to wear the jacket under the harness. If you use the front D ring, you can wear the jacket over or under the harness. A leash clips easily onto a collar D ring while wearing the jacket.  Other fleece colors available are Berry and Gray.

To wash the jacket simply toss in the wash on gentle and hang to dry.  If you are not sure about the size, you may want to get the next size larger since the back is adjustable. It is better to have a little more room rather than being to tight.

(3)BELLY = 20″- 25″ 
(1)LENGTH = 16″ 
(2)Head opening = 7″

(3)BELLY = 24″- 30″ 
(1)LENGTH = 21″ 
(2)Head opening = 10″

(3)BELLY = 28″- 36″ 
(1)LENGTH = 26″ 
(2)Head opening = 12″

The length is the total length, including the neck gator. The belly strap can cinch down quite a bit, so if your dog is on the long and skinny side, we recommend going with the size that matches their length!  

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Additional information

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