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Take the Kitchen Outside

by Tanner Colley – Solo Stove

In the past, we have shared recipes for amazing s’mores, hotdogs, and brats. We want to shake things up by offering up some new recipe ideas to inspire your backyard adventures.

You might be wondering if you need any special ingredients outside of what you have in your pantry. We’ve included some tips on how you can simplify the recipe to skirt any unnecessary trips to the grocery store.

Campfire Bacon

Photo and recipe by  Zestuous  Get the recipe

Campfire. Bacon. How come we never thought of putting bacon on a skewer and roasting it like a kebab? Break out the Solo Stove Shield and roasting sticks to make this glorious addition to any breakfast, lunch, dinner, or, let’s be honest, anytime is a great time for bacon.

Campfire Paella

Photo and recipe by Zestuous  Get the recipe 

“Paella” sounds fancy, huh? But don’t worry, this dish is a cinch to make. Wrap everything in a foil pouch and set over the flame.   Make it your own by using whatever frozen or canned veggies you would like. For the meat, you can use leftover roasted chicken!

Veggie Paninis and Tomato Soup

Photo and recipe by Add a Little Lemon  Get the recipe

A variation of a classic comfort dish. Use an iron skillet and press on! If you don’t have any of the veggies on hand, but have some cheese…BOOM. You’ve got the ultimate campfire grilled cheese.

Sweet Chili and Chicken Hand Pies

Photo and recipe by Aninas Recipes  Get the recipe

These little picnic poppers look so delicious and fun to make with the whole family.  Get everyone involved in making the simple pastry dough and bake on the cast-iron skillet for the perfect bite to munch on around the fire.

Campfire Cakes

Photo and recipe by tbsbGet the recipe

This dessert will remind you of the sweeter things in life. It’s fun, inviting, and carefree.

You can use any citrus you have in your fruit basket as the vessel, any boxed cake mix for the filling, and any cereal you want for the topping. Get creative by making them over and over again, any way you like!   Wrap them up in foil, place them over the fire in a skillet, grab your coffee, and prepare for a sweet escape.

Ultimate Sriracha Burger

Photo and recipe by Serious Eats  Get the recipe

We know, we know. We said we were going to recommend recipes beyond burgers, but look . . . BLUE CHEESE SIRACHA dressing. Need we say more?


Recipe ideas to inspire your backyard adventures, no matter where you create a backyard.


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